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portrait of the portait

Although my photography knowledge is limited, I sure do know that there is an art to a portrait shoot. Making people feel comfortable while getting sorts like me to hold still, carrying on a conversation and still getting the right shot mid-sentence. No easy feat.

Shelton Walsmith is always involved in interesting projects, one of which is a series of photographs of couples/friends on the roof/balcony outside of his studio in Brooklyn. Still bleary eyed, Craig and I spent the afternoon with Shelton and Evan Sung, another amazing NY photographer and friend. Evan shoot digitally while Shelton took the old fashioned route. These are Evan’s beautiful pictures. I love images of hands, especially of my relatives so I am digging these headless shots!

The thing about being in NY is that we are surrounded by such inspiring friends, who are really starting to have success in their artistic careers. That energy gave me such a buzz, that although I was exhausted, sleep evaded me… I was just twitching with excitement.