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March madness

I am pleased to share three wonderful shows that I have the honour of being selected for this March.

SCHMUCK 2013, Munich Germany.  It was a great honour to be selected for this year’s Schmuck exhibition curated by Bernhard Schobinger.   And thank you to Creative New Zealand for generously providing me with the opportunity to experience the event first hand.
“SCHMUCK is a global competition,” explained Dieter Dohr, CEO and president of GHM Gesellschaft fur Handwerksmessen mbH.  Schobinger of Richterswil in Switzerland is a trained goldsmith, and is one of today’s leading jewellery designers. His works are regarded as influential in determining new directions in style and the man himself is seen as an artist with a unique aesthetic sense who has broken new ground particularly in avant-garde jewellery design.  Not surprisingly, the works selected by him for SCHMUCK 2013, reflect this background, “they include a number of exciting new artist, but also many familiar names,” reveals Deiter Dohr.
           From KLIMT02
Brooch: Chicken Vindaloo 2012
Kristin D’Agostino
photo by Studio La Gonda

Brooch:Rogan Josh 2012
Kristin D’Agostino
photo by Studio La Gonda
Handshake is an international jewellery project founded by New Zealand curator Peter Deckers. The results of this mentee/ mentor jewellery project have been exhibited regularly throughout Australasia over the last two years.  Work from my 2013 series, Milk and Honey will feature as part of the Handshake project at Handwerksmesse as part of Schmuck, Munich 6-12 March. The preview and catalogue launch will take place at 1.30pm on 6 March. Please find more information here. 
Please also take the time watch this lovely video for the PLEDGEME drive on until the 6th of March.
Thank you to my mentor, Judy Darragh for her enthusiasm and ongoing support
Retrospect curated by Jo Mears is showing until May at the fantastic New Dowse Museum in Lower Hutt.  It is one of my favourite museums in New Zealand and a great honour to have work shown there. Especially a show that is advertised like this: “An installation by Wellington artist Peter Deckers is featured alongside works by 20 other contemporary New Zealand jewellers. The exhibition features materials as diverse as iPod shuffles, take-away containers… and rabbit poo.” From The New Dowse Newsletter
Kristin D’Agostino: Take away series 2011

Get your raffle tickets here!

The handshake raffle kicks off today.
Fourteen wonderful jewelleries are up for grabs at only NZ$5 per ticket.  
Email me at handshakejewellery(at) to get your ticket now.

We are raising funds to take this show on the road to Schmuck and create a fabulous publication. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause with full enthusiasm!

HandSHAKE Artist Talk December 3 @ Masterworks Gallery

Artist Talk Dec 3  12:30
Round 3 of HandShake opened at Masterworks Gallery on Wednesday night.  It is intersting to see how people’s projects have moved and evolved.

I have purposely tried to hold onto one idea/body of work through these three shows, which I am finding hard.  I get antsy quickly and am ready for a new phase.  But it has been a good exercise, I have had some important failures that are leading to the next step.

Now Showing  at Masterworks from 1 – 18 December
Handshake is the brainchild of contemporary jeweller Peter Deckers who, at the beginning of 2011, brought together 12 graduate jewellers with the artists that most inspire them for an innovative mentorship program. The 12 ‘apprentices’ teamed up with their jeweller icons, exchanging images and ideas through the Handshake website. The collaboration has resulted in a series of local and internationally based exhibitions, this being the first to come to Auckland. Visitors will experience excitingly fresh and provocative new work by Debbie Adamson, Becky Bliss, Nadene Carr, Kristin D’Agostino, Gillian Deery, Sharon Fitness, Sam Kelly, Jhana Millers, Neke Moa, Lynsay Raine, Sarah Read, and Jessica Winchcombe.

HandSHAKE – Prentice and prodigy

A mentor project, called HandShake has been taking up all of my blog energy these last few months.  You can visit the project here.

The first show in association with this project is opening on 9th August at Studio 20/17 in Sydney.

Egalitarian project –
Kristin D’Agostino

 Opening Drinks – Tuesday 9th August 6-8pm.To be formally opened by Dr Karin Findeis Subject Chair, Jewellery and Object Lecturer, Jewellery and Object,Sydney College of the Arts
An exhibition of work by 12 New Zealand contemporary jewellery recent graduates  developed over a period of time with their chosen mentors.
Curated by Peter Deckers.
Karl Fritsch for Neke MoaLucy Sarneel for Nadene CarrIris Eichenberg for Sarah Read,Warwick Freeman for Jess WinchcombeFabrizio Tridenti for Becky BlissAndrea Wagnerfor Lindsay RaineHanna Hedman for Debbie Adamson, Estela Sàez Vilanova for Gillian DeeryJudy Darragh for Kristin D’AgostinoSuska Mackert for Jhana MillersLisa Walkerfor Sharon FitnessRian de Jong for Sam Kelly. The combination of this esteemed group of masters and their prodigies of budding New Zealand jewellery artists makes for an exciting and much anticipated exhibition of fresh, invigorating and sometimes challenging, work.
In presenting this exhibition in conjunction with Sydney Design 2011 a tradition of cross-cultural collaboration between Australia and New Zealand, and within the discipline of contemporary jewellery, will be continued.
The nature of this project departs from more common exhibition formats, which focus on a theme or the curator’s perspective to bring to together a group of artists. Here, a group of emerging artists will have the opportunity to develop work in collaboration with a mentor. In this project, the traditional practice of the passing on of craft/artisan skills through a classical apprenticeship is revived in a contemporary context. The partnership and dialogue between the graduate and their mentor is a great opportunity for the graduates to learn more, but also for the established maker to bring forward their knowledge and share with the new generation of makers. See the blog of the project development at

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handShake is a mentor ship project and show that will be held at Gallery 20/17 in Sydney.  The project is being curated and conceived by Peter Deckers.  The line up of New Zealand jewellers is comprised of eleven other emerging jewellers who chose their superheros as mentors for the year.  The project culminates in a show at Gallery 20/17.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as a participating jeweller and I in turn chose local artist Judy Darragh as my mentor.  She has been wonderful so far and I am sure she will give me a run for my money!

I have decided to send Judy post card updates on my making progress.  Above is post card #1.

The project is being recorded on a blog and will be updated continually for the year.  You can view the blog here:  Handshake blog.