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Feedback as good as ice cream

Flora Sekanova 2010
Current Broach of the Month Club wearer, Anna Miles, wrote a beautiful reflection on her experience wearing Flora’s Sekanova’s brooch.  I find her style of feedback extremely inspiring.  Even though it is not my work, I feel like I have been given a gift after reading this.

Broach of the Month Club 2010 – Masterworks ThinkSpace

1. Wearer Jo Mears takes Ross Malcom’s ‘In the Pink’ on a Kombi tour of the South Island
2. 2010 Broach of the Month Club brooches
3. Photos of the 2010 launch party by Rebecca Robinson
4. Wearer responses:  Bronwyn Cornish brooch, Jenny Robertson tapestry book, Garth O’Brien antique brooch
5. Wearer journals and photos
6.  Video of wearer interviews 

Broach of the Month Club + Masterworks Gallery 2010

Rebekah Robinson snapped these great photos of the Broach of the Month Club 2009 show opening at Masterworks Gallery on Sunday.  True to form, the orginal brooch clan created a fabulous buzz and it was a very fun opening!  

The 2010 Broach of the Month Club – Masterworks Collaboration kicked off as well.  The brooches for the 2010 round are fabulously exciting.  The wearers seemed thrilled to take home thier new treasures!  All very fun indeed.

Big thank yous to all of the out of town guests Lillian who came all the way from Sydney, Pene from Gisbourne, Mary from Michigan.