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Feedback as good as ice cream

Flora Sekanova 2010
Current Broach of the Month Club wearer, Anna Miles, wrote a beautiful reflection on her experience wearing Flora’s Sekanova’s brooch.  I find her style of feedback extremely inspiring.  Even though it is not my work, I feel like I have been given a gift after reading this.

Broach of the Month Club 2010 – Masterworks ThinkSpace

1. Wearer Jo Mears takes Ross Malcom’s ‘In the Pink’ on a Kombi tour of the South Island
2. 2010 Broach of the Month Club brooches
3. Photos of the 2010 launch party by Rebecca Robinson
4. Wearer responses:  Bronwyn Cornish brooch, Jenny Robertson tapestry book, Garth O’Brien antique brooch
5. Wearer journals and photos
6.  Video of wearer interviews