HandSHAKE – Prentice and prodigy

A mentor project, called HandShake has been taking up all of my blog energy these last few months.  You can visit the project here.

The first show in association with this project is opening on 9th August at Studio 20/17 in Sydney.

Egalitarian project –
Kristin D’Agostino

 Opening Drinks – Tuesday 9th August 6-8pm.To be formally opened by Dr Karin Findeis Subject Chair, Jewellery and Object Lecturer, Jewellery and Object,Sydney College of the Arts
An exhibition of work by 12 New Zealand contemporary jewellery recent graduates  developed over a period of time with their chosen mentors.
Curated by Peter Deckers.
Karl Fritsch for Neke MoaLucy Sarneel for Nadene CarrIris Eichenberg for Sarah Read,Warwick Freeman for Jess WinchcombeFabrizio Tridenti for Becky BlissAndrea Wagnerfor Lindsay RaineHanna Hedman for Debbie Adamson, Estela Sàez Vilanova for Gillian DeeryJudy Darragh for Kristin D’AgostinoSuska Mackert for Jhana MillersLisa Walkerfor Sharon FitnessRian de Jong for Sam Kelly. The combination of this esteemed group of masters and their prodigies of budding New Zealand jewellery artists makes for an exciting and much anticipated exhibition of fresh, invigorating and sometimes challenging, work.
In presenting this exhibition in conjunction with Sydney Design 2011 a tradition of cross-cultural collaboration between Australia and New Zealand, and within the discipline of contemporary jewellery, will be continued.
The nature of this project departs from more common exhibition formats, which focus on a theme or the curator’s perspective to bring to together a group of artists. Here, a group of emerging artists will have the opportunity to develop work in collaboration with a mentor. In this project, the traditional practice of the passing on of craft/artisan skills through a classical apprenticeship is revived in a contemporary context. The partnership and dialogue between the graduate and their mentor is a great opportunity for the graduates to learn more, but also for the established maker to bring forward their knowledge and share with the new generation of makers. See the blog of the project development at http://handshakejewellery.wordpress.com

Thanks for reading

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