How Might One Live? #1: The Present Group

I am on a Deleuze kick at the moment and am loving the question he poses…. ‘how might one live?’ as applied to an art practice or the movement of art in society.

The Present Group : an art subscription service Exploring new ways to fund and distribute arist projects.  I’d say this is answering the Deleuze question in a very innovative way.  I found the The Present Group via an interview on Bad at Sports, and think they are just the bees knees.  TThis sbuscription based art distribution group is located in San Francisco.  The way it works is for 150 dollars a year you recieve 4 art works.  Money is given to the artist to produce the subscribed number of works and then they are distributed.  They are a true inspiration, so simple and yet so brilliant!

Artists apply to be involved. And with each release there is a critical essay that accompanies the work.

Check out their blog for more infomation.

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