MAGPIE review

MAGPIE: New Adventures in Jewellery opened last weekend as apart of the Taupo Erupt festival.  I may be a bit biased, but I thought that the show looked  fabulous.  The tiding, charm, gulp, flock, murder of jewellers descended on Taupo for a weekend of talks.  Lisa Walker spoke on Saturday and Pauline Bern/Tim Walker on Sunday.  It was a lovely event.
I led two public workshops on Saturday and Sunday that involved a walk around town linking concepts in traditional jewellery to works in the show via the magpie rhyme.  The particpants magpied up lovely treasures that we then made into pendants.  More pictures to come shortly.

one for sorrow, 
two for joy,  
three for a girl,
four for a boy,
five for a silver,
six for gold,
seven for secrets not to be told,
eight for a wish,
nine for a kiss,
ten for a bird not to be missed,

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