Fragmentation and the Found – Rachel Bell

#21 – Rachel Bell 
image courtesy of the artist

Rachel Bell has been working on a new project called Fragmentation and the Found.  She is documenting it here, and it is very exciting.

The project will be shown later this year in the Masterworks THINKspace.  According to the Masterworks website, this is what Fragmentation and the Found is all about, 

I liken my process of making to that of a Situationist on derive or a post-modern hunter-gatherer – collecting fragments from the surrounding environment and reconstituting these in the studio into new forms.
I am currently in the midst of my Masters project, the working title being: Fragmentation and the Found in the Production of Contemporary Jewellery . Within this I am investigating how objects and histories can be linked by a methodology of making that utilises fragmentation and the found.
These objects are informed by a number of concerns: post-modernism, Dada, Situationism and absurdist logic, object theory and history, experimental and conceptual art of many forms, domestic handicrafts and social politics.
The results are sometimes attractive, sometimes not. Often they are awkward and unsettling. Sometimes they have a clear use but other times are ambiguous. This pleases me! 

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