jewellery on the brink of a relationship 2009, photo by Jess Goodall

I am interested in the experimental side of jewellery and project based work.  Jewellery lends itself to tinkering with alternative forms of exchange.  Its tradition begs the question, what has become of the  community aspect in contemporary craft?

My work focuses on jewellery that explores alternative forms of exchange between maker and wearer.  In the past two years I have initiated interactive jewellery projects that have mimicked the form of book clubs, pen pals and auctions.  My current project, ‘Jewellery on the Brink of a Relationship’, functions as homage.  Each fortnight for a year, one of twenty-six unique pieces will land on the doorstep of a different artist or thinker who has provided me with inspiration.

The works instigate relationships with my heroes.    The forms are ambiguous and odd, hailing from the idea of objects with idiosyncratic, funky appeal as exemplified by the sculpture of Franz West and Sharon Fitness’ idea that fun work attracts interaction.

A thank you note implies a relationship.  In my circumstance the relationship up to this point has often been one sided (jewellery hero to viewer).  This project attempts to scramble the current paradigm where one person makes and the other observes.  In this case, both parties function as giver and receiver and as maker and viewer.   It is an experiment in interchange and initiating relationships.