Walking the Grey Area to Apparatus and Leonor Hipolito

Leonor Hipolito @Objectspace
I love synchronicity, who doesn’t?

1.  The window show entitled Apparatus @ Objectspace came highly recommended by a friend.  So I went to see it.  It is a work that just sings.  The pieces are beautifully carved from natural, unstained wood.  The finish is smooth giving the objects a sense of light and weightlessness.  The forms are familiar but not necessarily obvious.  As a group, the work has a beautifully, lyrical quality.  I liked it.  The maker is jeweller, Leonor Hipolito from Portugal.

The description accompanying the work quotes Hipolito pertinent environmental concerns in saying, “Apparatus weaves a thread between the thought and the action.  Like a conscious gesture it leads to reflect upon a series of pertinent questions relating to global environmental relation.”

2.  I have been reading walking the grey area blog that was created as a project culminating in an exhibition at the Grey Area Symposium in April 2010.  The concept is that a Latin American and European jeweller will be paired and tasked with investigating jewellery, global mobility and identity.  All curators and participants are migrants.   And guess who is participating?  Leonor Hipolito! 
The blog is a little overwhelming so I am taking it one pair at a time.  Hipolito originally paired with Miguel Luciano, ends up having a fabulous volley with Dani Soter.  And there are side conversations going on all over the show!
All in all, I have found her posts very interesting.  The project is a fascinating way to learn more about jewellers and their practice and modes of operation in a collaborative sense.  I love the fact that she would have been writing these posts as she was preparing and sending the above mentioned show, how fun!  Here are some of my favourite snippets from Hipolito.

States of Mind
Illustration, Leonor Hipolito, 2009
… Here I am quoting an extract of Keru Tuberg text for ‘Chroma/Monochroma’
Nomad jewellery

Contemporary jewellery carries the philosophy of traveling in itself.  The one who makes jewellery is traveling, the one who wears it is traveling, and the one who notices it is traveling.  Paths are different and travelers are different, but at same point they all have recognised their resting place or their home in jewellery.  They have discovered something that accords with their nature.

Leonor Hipolito – September 29th

… It took me years of experiments to realise my realation with jewelry is that of mental correlation rather than material.  Materiality is indeed a great part of the process but not the leitmov.  I am very focused on stretching my thoughts about specific concerns.  I am keen to scrutinise some facets of the human psychology and defy the borders of perception. 
Jewelry is controversial and therefore an interesting open subject.

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