BEST BEFORE: perishable artworks @ RM

If you are in Auckland this weekend come along to the opening/project launch at RM to the Perishable shop.  I have two little projects, Optimistic Voodoo: Rack-o Patriot Act Rings  (pictured above) and a wee collaborative piece via PaperWasp Collective which is a poem/ring, to read the poem you have to destroy the ring.  Fingers crossed that these don’t trip the fire alarm/sprinkler system.

BEST BEFORE: perishable artworks (the annual RM shop) and RM Archive launch
3pm Saturday 19 December 2009
room, ground floor, 295 K Road, Newton, Auckland

Here is what RM has to say about the event:
“Since 2003, RM has ended the year by bringing together a shop full of art multiples, miniatures, catalogues, handicrafts, food and beverages.  This year they thought they would change the format slightly – focusing on perishable art: objects with a shelf-life, art multiples with use-by dates, self-destructing sculptures, a slowly disappearing inventory of stock.”
And all proceeds go back to the artists.
At the same time, RM will be launching an archive of the last 12 years of activity.  An exciting move for a space that has provided a consistent experimental outlet for Auckland art.

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