I never get tired of Bruce Mau

quote and illustration by Bruce Mau

Rereading An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth and think it needs to be a daily routine. I am really digging #21 today, but enjoying its neighbors as well. Give yourself a present and go read the whole thing here.

20. Be careful to take risks.
Time is genetic. Today is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow. The work you produce today will create your future.

21. Repeat yourself.
If you like it, do it again. If you don’t like it, do it again.

22. Make your own tools.
Hybridize your tools in order to build unique things. Even simple tools that are your own can yield entirely new avenues of exploration. Remember, tools amplify our capacities, so even a small tool can make a big difference.

23. Stand on someone’s shoulders.
You can travel farther carried on the accomplishments of those who came before you. And the view is so much better.

1 thought on “I never get tired of Bruce Mau

  1. Warren Berger

    Hi Kristin. I'd like to let you and your readers know about my new book from Penguin Press called GLIMMER: How Design Can Transform Your Life, and Maybe Even the World. While I feature dozens of design thinkers in the book, my main collaborator was Bruce Mau. Many of the 10 universal design principles which form the chapters of the book come from Bruce's manifesto. So if you want to know more about Bruce and transformational design in general check out GLIMMER and my magablog http://GlimmerSite.com. Thanks.


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