what a lovely transculturation brooch you are wearing today, my dear

“I am interested in borderlines, in the frayed borders between fashion, art, design and applied art. At the borderlines new energy inflames.”1

cultural, media, material borderlines, how are they are blurred, crossed, smeared?
migrants, transculturation, diaspora, and creation of the new.

stir experimentation with a heavy dose of exploration. let rest in cool dark place overnight. divide into two and give half away. add layering, fabrication, pattern, repetition and pinch of research to remaining batch and mix thoroughly, bake on high. when golden on top remove body of work. set aside and let themes cool. wear and reflect, it’s jewellery baby.

1. Den Besten, Liesbeth. “Borderline Jewellery.” On Location making stories:
siting, citing, sighting. Ed. Karin Findies. Pyrmont NSW: Jewellers and Metal smiths Group of Australia, 2007. 15-22

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