Broach of the Month Club

Introducing the side project.

“I would argue that craft will revive its radical aspect only if it returns to engaging in collaborative production and addressing its audience by speaking in the vernacular.”
Technophilic Craft by Ezra Shales
American Craft Magazine April/May 2008

“Borderline jewellery is about borders, about going beyond borders, over the border. Borderline artist jewellers can’t live in the reality of showcases, galleries and museums. They need other ways to establish a bond with people, with people other than the usual jewellery audience.”
“Borderline Jewellery.” Liesbeth den Besten
On Location making stories: siting, citing, sighting)

The central theme of this project was to revitalize the sense of community between craftsmen in a contemporary context. This project focuses on emerging jewellers and creating a ‘place’ to bring their work together, in a public space. Incorporating the involvement of non-art, non-jewellery related people in the creation process allows for exploration and emergent communities. With these objectives in mind, Broach of the Month Club was born.

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